Do you know who your friends really are? Do you know who your enemies really are? Everybody has a dark side and sometimes that makes it hard to have the relationships we want. This series will offer some much-needed clarity and will teach us valuable lessons that will help us develop the kinds of relationships we crave but don’t often experience.


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SEPT 28 & OCT 1


In week 1 of the series, James sheds some light on why we experience so much conflict in our relationships with one another. This message is for you if you want less conflict and more peace. If you’ve ever asked, Why can’t we all get along, you will not want to miss this message!

OCT 5 & 8


Have you ever felt like you became enemies with some people just because you became friends with other people? It happens all the time! In this message, we will help people avoid the wrong friendships so they don’t develop the wrong enemy.

OCT 12 & 15


The Bible teaches us that our enemy is rarely who we really think it is. In this message, you will discover who your enemy is and how to win the fight against him.

OCT 19 & 22


So many people today criticize, judge, and even slander others. It may be expected, but it’s not healthy. In this message, James will help us change the behaviors that are destroying the relationships we care about the most.

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