We exist to love people well and make Jesus clear, so that every person on the Gulf Coast might know Jesus, overcome their obstacles, and experience the greater plan He has for their life. We now have hundreds of people who live and work in Harrison County that attend Mosaic Church! We can see that God is already at work in that community and want to join Him in what He is doing there. Because of this, we are excited to announce that Mosaic Church is planning a Harrison County campus launch in 2023!

Other ways to get involved

Community Groups

We need more Community Groups in Harrison County now so that we can care for those that we are going to reach in the future.

Serving Teams

We need more people serving in Ocean Springs now so that you know how to serve in Harrison County in the future.

Give Generously

We need more people investing in the vision now so that we can fund the new campus in Harrison County in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the new Harrison County Campus open?

We’re just as excited about the new campus as anyone! While we would love to open today, we believe it will be sometime in the fall of 2023 before everything is in place. We’re not just committed to opening a campus. We’re committed to doing it right.

What can we do between now and opening day of the Harrison County Campus?

There are a lot of critical aspects to starting a new campus. In the months ahead we will train volunteers, start new Community Groups, hold Core Team meetings, and even run trial services before opening to the public. Most importantly, we need to be building relationships with people who do not know Jesus. We need to love them well, pray for them, and invite them to join us when our Harrison County Campus opens. In the meantime, start serving somewhere. The future campus will only succeed if it is full of people contributing, not just consuming.

Where will the Harrison County Campus be exactly?

Right now, we do not know where the new campus will be. We are looking for a space that could hold 300-600 people, with enough parking to accommodate 150-300 cars. God may give us a church building that is no longer being used. We may rent a space like a retail store, a school building, a community center, or a movie theatre. If you know of a place that you think we should consider, let us know!

Who will be teaching at the Harrison County Campus?

We are one church, that will be meeting in multiple locations. Whoever is teaching in Ocean Springs will also be broadcast to the Harrison County Campus. Leveraging video will help us stay unified as a church, as we grow together and remain on mission together for the Gulf Coast.

Will there be live worship?

Yes! We will staff the Harrison County Campus with a Worship Pastor, as well as a Campus Pastor who will host the service, and then do ministry in that community throughout the week.

Will there be activities for my kids?

Yes! We will offer our full MoKids! program each Sunday so that we help the next generation know Jesus.

What kinds of options do you have for my students?

As the Harrison County Campus grows, we will create Student Ministry opportunities in the community by hosting grade based small groups for students in 6-12th grade.