The Harley

By: Mark Howie

In the beginning stages of my midlife crisis, I acquired a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Learning to ride was hysterical for my family and neighbors to watch. I was so concerned with not hitting the mailboxes in my neighborhood that I fixated on them, and guess what? I nearly took out my neighbor’s mailbox, swerving through their front lawn.

My family got a great laugh at my expense that day.

When we first learn to drive, we are taught to develop the skill of fixing our eyes farther down the highway rather than immediately in front of us. This is for our safety and others. We go where our eyes lead us.

This lesson goes beyond motorcycles and cars. In our lives, we also need to see the road ahead.

When we are caught pursuing immediate gratification and crisis management, we don’t have time to look at where it is all leading. We hit the mailbox – or worse.

So how do we prevent the inevitable crash? Simple. Know your destination and goals.

  • Have a better idea of our destination and goals. Our vision and values guide our choices. With a solid foundation, we no longer focus only on immediate relief or satisfying today’s appetites. We focus on the journey and destination avoiding those mailboxes and potholes.
  • Name our goals and our deepest values. Thoughts untangle themselves when they first go through our lips and fingertips. Writing down our goals and values gives us the guidance to steer our course smoothly and become the kind of person God wants us to be.

We never look down to test the ground before taking the next step. We shouldn’t do it in life either. Only when we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus will we find the right road.

Let’s take the time to name our goals and values, and they will guide us.

Just a thought.