you can't outgive God.

Giving at Mosaic

We have a tremendous opportunity to proclaim the gospel by giving generously. Giving invigorates our devotion to Christ and frees us from the tyranny of consumerism. It provides an outlet for compassion and allows us to proclaim His sufficiency and provision. As people of faith, we give faithfully.

Our View on Giving

Our view on giving is simple; God owns it all. We have the privilege of managing HIS money. So we give and spend with this in mind. We provide out of joy, not guilt or manipulation. We carefully budget as a church so that we use every gift to its fullest to bring people and glory to Him.

Online Giving

We want to discourage you from giving in any way that will put you in debt because giving is a spiritual discipline, not just an act of giving money. If God leads you to give sacrificially, we believe you should follow His leading, but we don’t think to give on credit is one in the same.

*Debit or check cards that directly debit your gift are encouraged.